A Payday Advance Helps Pay for Car Insurance

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According to a recent research, honest drivers pay on average 50 pounds on a protection policy against accident claims with drivers that are not insured.
The research conducted by “co-operative insurance” showed that sincere drivers pay out once a week every year for the uninsured. A massive 25% of these motorists are below 21 years of age, disregarding rules and regulations by driving without a licence, insurance, or an MOT.

If you recently experienced a car accident with an uninsured motorist an quick payday advance can contribute to cover the bills that remain uncovered by the insurance company.
Mr Tim Franklin, head of financial services at “co-operative insurance”, stated that millions of individuals are disregarding the law by not paying for car insurance. This means that costs become much higher for both honest drivers with personal responsibility and the insurance industry.

UK drivers are taking on a big risk.
Whether the risk is colliding with uninsured motorists or doing something dangerous like text messaging and driving at the same time.
Sainsbury’s latest research shows that two thirds of drivers in Britain admit to have performed some sort of activity on the road that could endanger lives.
The number one offence is drinking and eating with 38 percent, followed by nearly a third that admit they drive while feeling very tired. As for text messaging and driving, 6 percent admitted to doing this dangerous activity

A Quick Payday Advance

If you need to pay for a car breakdown repair or upgrade your existing car insurance coverage, a quick and convenient payday loan can sort out your finances. The loan is designed to be short term. It will be repaid on your next payday, usually between 2-4 weeks.
Read further about payday advance to see how it can contribute to your personal finances.


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