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Bank overdrafts versus payday loans

There are all sorts of situations that lead Britons to apply for a payday loan. For example, the fact that having an unauthorized overdraft is much more expensive than borrowing from online payday loans. This fact was revealed recrently by Daily Mail, according to a research made by the newspaper.The demand for banks to adopt a more customer oriented approach has been echoed by quite a few Brits. Among the Brits supporting this demand were the Lord P. Myners, who is the financial services secretary to the British treasury. Another respected person who supported this is Lord Turner, the financial services authorites chairman.
Myners belives that it is essential that banks make an extreme change in the banks customer support.
There is real need to improve the way customers relate to banks. One way to improve the banks image is making changes in the customer support service.
Until the future of banking is decided, my loyal blog readers, I suggest you learn more about payday loans. Payday loans offer a convenient financial solution. If you need money ranging between 100-750 pounds, try payday bank or my payday websites. These are British genuine lenders who will treat you fairly and will easily give you the loan you require.

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